Provide social network of people in finance sector and embrace multiple cultures and diversity between Europe and Asia

Helping career skills growth 

Helping small to medium size business to foster cultural diversity and attract global talents. 


The ABCF (Association of Britain China Financiers) is a unique community, not for profit organisation and invite only membership system with the objective of providing network of people in banking and finance sector and embracing multiple cultures and diversity between Europe and Asia. 

Over the years, through networking events, ABCF has provided various forms of platforms to bring people together and embrace diversity in banking and finance sector. 

The ABCF is the voice of the Europe and China’s world-leading professionals hosting senior positions in Banking, Asset Management and Private Equity funds. ABCF is set up in 2016; has a headquarter based in London, the most prestigious financial centre of entire Europe, Middle East, Africa region. 

The ABCF provides peace of mind to professionals and business leaders across the Europe and Asia, hence powers the growth of local land regional economics by enabling and assisting people to raise career skills and exchange working experience to achieve better performance in both work and life. 



Mentoring/Training Programme - ABCF would provide career development training programme to junior financiers and help them achieve career short term/long term goals. The mentoring/training programme takes both online and offline forms. 

Government Allowance and Subsidies - ABCF will apply for government allowance and subsidies on behalf of small or medium size business on climate change and eco- friendly projects. 

Subject Matter Experts - ABCF will provide small or medium size business on human resource programme and help them to foster healthy corporate culture and attract global talents. 

Funding - ABCF will host charity events to help funding of modern eco projects and high technology projects/innovations.

Unique networking - The association provides friendly and fun social events and facilitates individual meetings, conference, and seminars across multiple subjects i.e. art, culture, history and education etc. These opportunities can enable people from different cultural background to support each other in banking and finance working environment.