Winner of the “Most Influential Wealth Manager” award – Ms Monica Lin

Monica is the Executive Chairperson and Managing Partner of Hywin Wealth LLP. Hywin Wealth LLP is a London-based boutique wealth management firm that provides private clients with high touch, personal wealth management, and investment services. Based in London the firm leverages the global reach and resources of the $15bn Hywin Financial Group whose footprint extends across mainland China, Hong Kong, the USA and Europe. Our services include Wealth Management (UK Investment Visa), Asset Management, Corporate Finance and Mortgage Arrangement.

 “Listen, Solve, Deliver” is the motto of Hywin Wealth. We used this in every client engagement to understand what our clients need from us and to direct us to add real value for them.  It is no accident that “Deliver” is a key part of the motto. Real influence lies not in what you say or think but what you do.  For Hywin Wealth, 2018 has been a year of doing and we have achieved the below: 

  • increased our AUM by 100%

  • advised on $100m corporate finance transaction

  • built from scratch a profitable mortgage business

  • launched our first property debt fund

  • 100% client retention

  • staff headcount increase of 20%

  • protected client money from market volatility through careful and skillful risk management

Finally, thank you for this recognition of our hard work and the positive outcomes arising from it.  Thanks to Hywin team and to those who nominated and voted for us. And at Hywin and we look forward to growing the business further in 2019.

英中金融家协会评选出本年最具影响力财富管理经理人– 海银财富(英国)有限合伙公司董事长林尚嘉(Monica Lin)女士。


“细心聆听,解决问题, 交付服务” 是海银财富(英国)的核心价值观,它代表着我们对每一个客户的服务态度,并指导我们更好的为客户增加真正的价值。“交付服务”是这个价值观的核心并非偶然。真正的影响力不在于所说或所想,而在于所做的事。对于海银(英国)来说,2018年是脚踏实地做事的一年,我们完成了:

  • 公司管理资产连年翻倍增长

  • 作为投资顾问为上亿美金的交易提供财务顾问服务

  • 成功创建住房抵押贷款业务

  • 推出英国房地产债券基金

  • 100%的客户保留率

  • 在经济停滞期间保持增长,团队扩大20%

  • 通过谨慎和熟练的投资和风险管理保护着客户的资金,使客户免受市场波动的影响


Winner of the “Most Influential Britain China Business Contribution” award – Mr. Trevor Wakeley-Jones

Trevor has worked in the City of London for the last 30 years and has had a career in Finance, with spells at major banks, asset managers and insurance companies.

During Trevor’s year at the ABCF in 2018, he has travelled to China three times, presenting at conferences and introducing new projects from the UK and Europe to Chinese investment institutions. 

Trevor has signed a strategic corporation agreement on behalf of the ABCF with the Hangzhou Xiasha Economic & Technological Development Zone for the association to introduce businesses wishing to set up there. The association is the main contact point for foreign talent to get in touch with this development zone.

Trevor has also brought new business projects related to biotech, blockchain application and fintech projects to Chinese investors. These have resulted in a number of new members joining the association and successful partnerships and investments from China. Wewish him having brighter future!

英中金融家协会评选出本年度对英中商务最具贡献力奖的奖项得主– Trevor Wakeley-Jones 先生。





Award Winner 2018 Monica
Award Winner 2018 Monica
Project and Investment
Project and Investment
Award Winner 2018 Trevor
Award Winner 2018 Trevor
Association Celebration
Association Celebration